Finish line

It’s here, it’s here. I never imagined this day would come, but in a few days I’ll be wrapping up the final paper of my undergraduate career, a 50-something page behemoth AKA my honours thesis. It has been a crazy ride and I’m still a little unsure as to how I got this far but hey … Continue reading Finish line


I’ve never believed in making New Year’s Resolutions, because honestly, they always seemed like a bit of a cop-out to me.  Trust me, the symbolism behind starting a new year, getting a fresh start, and all that jazz is not lost on me, but I always felt that if you really wanted to achieve something, … Continue reading Resolutions

Crystal Balls

I suck at this blogging business (cue beginning of usual self-depreciating paragraph). I guess keeping a regular record of the happenings in my life just isn’t for me; clearly my penchant for blogging is much more sporadic than I would like. As usual I would like to bring my school defense up to the stand, … Continue reading Crystal Balls

Time Goes By

Tear.  My younger brother graduated from secondary school today.  I’ve only been to two commencement ceremonies prior to this one; the first was for my best friend / “cousin” (we call each other cousins because everyone thinks we are), and the second was my own.  I didn’t think this one would be much different – … Continue reading Time Goes By