Finish line

It’s here, it’s here. I never imagined this day would come, but in a few days I’ll be wrapping up the final paper of my undergraduate career, a 50-something page behemoth AKA my honours thesis. It has been a crazy ride and I’m still a little unsure as to how I got this far but hey … Continue reading Finish line

Crystal Balls

I suck at this blogging business (cue beginning of usual self-depreciating paragraph). I guess keeping a regular record of the happenings in my life just isn’t for me; clearly my penchant for blogging is much more sporadic than I would like. As usual I would like to bring my school defense up to the stand, … Continue reading Crystal Balls


At the moment, I should be writing a 10-15 pager on the New International Division of Labour in Major League Baseball and how it exemplifies Arjun Appadurai’s Theoretical Framework of the 5 scapes, and also how globalization is essentially a driver for profit-making. But as you can clearly see, I’m not. In my defense, I’m … Continue reading Distractions

Big Screen Version

I’m studying for my CMNS 253 midterm, and my prof always includes youtube videos relevant to what we’re studying (it’s an information technology class)…anyways.  He added this one about Fox News and it made me laugh so hard; it’s an example of the commodification of the news and the decline of the public sphere through … Continue reading Big Screen Version