Happy new year errrrbody! William officially left for Germany on January 1st at 7 AM.  I already miss him terribly but I’ve been trying to occupy my time.  Today I did a total clean-up of my room, the whole shebang: vaccuming, windexing, re-organizing.  It’s really, really weird for it to be so clean, even for … Continue reading 2009!


After probably what was a billion hours of attempted snowmaking but getting screwed over by global warming and abnormally high temperatures, Grouse has finally accumulated enough snow for it to open.  Brenton and I went today, and it was amazing.  I can`t believe how much I missed it.  The snow wasn`t amazing to say the … Continue reading Finally


…of living in a country known for sub-zero temperatures and NOT GETTING ANY SNOW FOR IT? Snow Conditions: Total Snow Depth: 1 cm / .39 in New Snow Overnight: 1 cm / .39 in New Snow Past 24hrs: 0 cm / in Total Snowfall 08/09: 32 cm / 12.6 in This is actually making me quite frustrated.  I recall … Continue reading WHAT IS THE POINT

William’s going to Germany for four months come January for a co-op position, he found out and told me on Tuesday. Sigh.  It’s starting to kind of take over my thinking and making me worried about how much I’ll be able to see him before he’s gone.  It also means that he won’t be able … Continue reading