Midnight City

After quite the adventure searching for the perfect winter parka, my journey has finally come to an end. Long story short, back in August, William and I took a much-needed end of summer vacation to Washington and the Oregon Coast; one of our last stops was in the so-called hipster capital of the US, Portland … Continue reading Midnight City

currently lusting

E-Commerce has the unique categorization of being both superbly convenient and the total bane of my existence. I always find myself perusing these boutiques at the worst of times; say during exams? Anyways, Zara has somewhat recently opened their e-catalogue and correspondingly, I’ve compiled a short-ish list of items I’m lusting over. I know they … Continue reading currently lusting

Of eBay and shopping

Today I felt an ultimately untimely desire (that doesn’t quite encapsulate it to be honest, I need something that shows my eagerness slash desperation more realistically but it’s almost 2 in the morning) to shop my heart out and be able to possess all the items I need so desperately on my fashion wishlist.  I … Continue reading Of eBay and shopping