currently lusting

E-Commerce has the unique categorization of being both superbly convenient and the total bane of my existence. I always find myself perusing these boutiques at the worst of times; say during exams? Anyways, Zara has somewhat recently opened their e-catalogue and correspondingly, I’ve compiled a short-ish list of items I’m lusting over. I know they … Continue reading currently lusting


I’ve never believed in making New Year’s Resolutions, because honestly, they always seemed like a bit of a cop-out to me.  Trust me, the symbolism behind starting a new year, getting a fresh start, and all that jazz is not lost on me, but I always felt that if you really wanted to achieve something, … Continue reading Resolutions

List of Lasts, 4/4/10

Last movie watched: We Live In Public – for the second time.  An excellent documentary by Ondi Timoner on the “greatest internet pioneer you’ve never heard of”.  Definitely an interesting watch and makes you think about the state of privacy and human interaction in this internet age. Last clothing item(s) purchased: a leather jacket from … Continue reading List of Lasts, 4/4/10