Living Your Moksha Week One.

2 thoughts on “Living Your Moksha Week One.”

  1. The reason I don’t like yoga is because all my workouts are sooo intense but I feel like I’m wasting time with yoga because it takes 10x longer and I don’t get that satisfied feeling (even with Bikrams). I still like it a little though because I understand the benefits of it… so I just make myself go. Only a couple times a month though.

    1. I can totally see what you mean by that – yoga will probably never be as physically intense as any of your workouts (you go crazy hard…seriously, you inspire me). But I think yoga really requires a different sort of toughness. It really challenges you to get back to the basics, to ground yourself in the state and being of your body in the moment and to develop an acceptance of things as they are. I don’t know if this really makes sense and I honestly feel as if I’m being very philosophical even though that’s not how I’m trying to come across! Hahaha! That said, I would never advocate yoga as a person’s ONLY source of physical activity, while I do believe it’s wonderful and beneficial for people to incorporate into their routine, it needs to be balanced with aerobic/strength training exercises in order to really work towards accomplishing optimum health!

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