Thank you. Now stop complaining.

4 thoughts on “Thank you. Now stop complaining.”

  1. If you stop using that bit of coal, someone else will use it in your place. We don’t have one world government yet.

  2. Wow. That’s my first comment! Thanks 🙂

    Well yes, I guess that’s a pessimistic way to look at it, but I’m talking about this issue from a national, Canadian perspective, as we have a federal election coming up very soon and this is one of the hot topics.

    Anyways, it’s quite obvious that at the moment it’s pretty much next to impossible to actually regulate GHGs through international means – which leaves the burden to national governments. Time will only tell which nations step up to the plate and which ones don’t. I’m hoping that my own government will.

  3. The first of many comments I am sure mags.

    I know what you mean about governments taking a stand, but if your government does, and mine does not, and we burn the oil, add to the GHG the only person suffering extra now is you. I think it will all carry on until we run out of conventional fuel. Sad, but probably true.

    Good luck with the blog

  4. That might be true, but I don’t see why one government shouldn’t do anything just because other governments aren’t. I don’t necessarily have any solutions to the problem of international enforcement of GHG emission reductions but I’d hope that nations understand what moral responsibility they have to reduce such emissions, I mean really if only one country steps up, everyone will still suffer so by principle I think most countries should look at it as a priority because it’s for the good of all.

    This is a little scrambled (sorry, my brain’s dead because of all the academic writing I’ve been having to do), but I hope you kind of get my point.

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